Date: December 12, 1978
To: Charles M. Fallon, Chairman
From: Richard A. Amyx
           Publications Officer
Subject: Editors' Awards Voting

Copies to: AMC, Rita Levine, Margot Seitelman, Jan Williams

This is a written summary of the oral report I made at the November 4 AMC meeting regarding the voting that was carried out to determine the method by which Editors' Awards would be made.

On September 21, ballots were distributed to the local group newsletter editors by direct mailing, together with copies of the reports of the Subcommittee on Editors' Awards.  These ballots asked the editors to vote preferentially on five choices, and to return the ballots to me by October 13.

On October 13, I had 31 ballots in hand (31/81=38%).  One was declared invalid (30/81=37%); five arrived too late for counting (total response 36/81=44%). Meredy and I counted and tallied the votes, assigning a value of 4 to the most preferred choice, and a value of 0 to the least preferred choice.  The results of the voting were as follows:

82 Specific categories—editors vote.
58.5 Specific categories—panel votes.
41.5 First, second, and third place by size categories—editors vote.
34 First, second, and third place by size categories—panel votes.
24 Disagree with the whole business.

Thus, for the next Editors' Awards, the editors will vote for specific categories.  The Special Mention and Owl Awards will also be continued.

What remains to be done is to determine what the specific categories will be. I will make suggestions and ask the editors for further suggestions for categories through InterLoc, and sift, sort, and assemble nine categories (the same number of awards we now have).  This will be done for report to the AMC in March, with balloting for the awards themselves carried out in time for presentation at the 1979 AG.

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