Date: March 10, 1979
To: Charles M. Fallon, Chairman
From: Richard A. Amyx
           Publications Officer
Subject: Editors' Awards—Voting Categories

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Following is a list of the categories that will be used to determine the Editors' Awards until such time as there might be a need for change.  This list was compiled from suggestions received from editors, tempered by Meredy's and my experience and judgment.

  1. Cover—most attractive or appealing cover.

  2. Art—includes all art:  fine art, decorative art, and comic art.

  3. Graphics/layout—includes all graphic elements that go into making a newsletter:  neatness, headlines, type style, amount of reduction, special effects, etc.

  4. Continuing column/regular contributor—outstanding monthly column or work of regular contributor.

  5. Creative writing—all elements of writing not specifically identified otherwise:  short fiction, poetry, humor, satire.

  6. Articles and essays—variety and interest of content of articles submitted by members.

  7. Personality/atmosphere—friendliness, welcoming manner, positive tone, etc.

  8. Service to local group—local news, items of benefit to local group members, responsiveness to members, calendar.

  9. Editorial style—individuality, character, direction, judgment, variety, general appeal.

And we will continue with the Special Mention and Owl Awards as before.

This, finally, concludes the work of the Subcommittee on Editors' Awards.

Respectfully submitted,

Publications Officer

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